Speciality Areas

Trauma, Abuse & Sexual Assault Counselling

With a 20+ year history of working with Childhood trauma, Sexual Assault victims and children in Out of Home Care, our trauma-informed practice is all about healing the expeiences you have survived to ensure they dont have a negative impact on your future, whether it be for children, teens or adults.

Anxiety & Depression

Interventions look to still the mind's chatter so that we can have clarity and focus. This strengthens the regulation center of the brain, distances our thoughts that trigger stress and worry, and focus on what is happening NOW rather than getting stuck in the cycle of the past or what we believe will happen in the future. 

Creative Therapies

Play, Art and other creative mediums can assist when words arent enough, or where a child doesn't have the language they need to understand or express themselves. Creative mediums can also provide new options for coping with life's stressors and improve mental health.