Frequently Asked Questions

What do I tell my teen or child about their first appointment?

  1. Explain as simply as possible, and link the visit with something they are aware they need help with: eg. “We are going to see someone for help with your worries”.
  2. Let them know how long the visit will last for: eg. “We will be there for a bit less than an hour”.
  3. Let them know what might happen during the session eg. “You will talk with the Counsellor". For children you might also add "You might play a game, or draw and write together”.
  4. Let them know you will be there with them when the appointment is finished and they can choose what they tell you about their visit.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Your appointment time is time set just for you. We understand that from time to time things happen that mean you can no longer attend your appointment. In the event of cancellation or reschedule, we respectfully request that you provide at least 48 hours notice.

This gives us the chance to reallocate the time to someone else who is in need of an appointment.

If less than 24 hours notice is provided for your appointment cancellation, a cancellation fee will apply. 

I have been to a counsellor before and it didnt help me. Why will this time be different?

Counselling is a personal process and its success depends on several factors. This includes personalities, building trust and being committed to the process. Open communication with your counsellor is very important and being able to seek clarification or ask questions is also helpful. The experience of your counsellor and the way they provide information to you is also something that determines a good fit between yourself and a counsellor. At Soothe 2 Shine we believe we can help you find a successful counselling experience with us.

Do I need a Mental Health Plan

Our member organisation, The Australian Counselling Association (ACA), are currently lobbying the Federal Government for our services to fall under the scope of the Medicare Mental Health Plan scheme. At this current stage we are not able to access funding from the scheme so no Mental Health Plan is required. We will continue to update the public as these provisions may change.

I am an NDIA client through the NDIS. Can your services be covered through my NDIS plan?

We are currently working to register as an NDIS Registered provider. We are however able to provide services to clients that are NDIS Plan Managed. We would be happy to discuss your eligibility with you.

How many sessions will I need?

Unfortunatly there is no simple answer to this question. Your individual circumstances and needs will be assessed and a plan developed with you. This will take into account the approach that will be taken and what type of therapy is most useful for your experience. As progress is made your plan may be modified. Of course life doesnt always go according to plan and sessions may incoporate new situations or experiences as well as how successful you can apply the tools you learn through the process. Appointments can be scheduled weekyly, fortnightly or monthly depending on how it fits into your individual plan.

What are the costs for counselling services?

Costs depend on the services provided and we are happy to discuss this with you when making appointments.